A woman who "was placed for adoption at birth" is taking extreme measures to ensure her biological parents don't crash her upcoming wedding.

"My sister has passed letters to me from them and has been trying for years to get me to agree to meet with them and build a relationship. They keep saying how much it hurts them that I want nothing to do with them. She passes this onto me and tells me how much it hurts her that I won't be a part of this with her because our connection as blood-related siblings is huge and now we have more blood-related family," the bride-to-be wrote on Reddit.

Despite receiving letters "about once a month," she does not read them and has told her sister that she tosses them in the trash.

"Now I'm getting married and my sister fought for them to be invited. She offered to pay for them to come and told me she would cover all the costs associated with their place on the guest list and I still said no. She called me crying after she had been at their house because they were so upset to be missing it," the woman continued, adding her biological dad even asked to walk her down the aisle.

"I also warned her that the place we're getting married at has security and we already added them to our package (my fiancé has a couple of family members we need to have monitored in case they get too drunk) and I can easily pass on info about our birth family to keep them out if she tries sneaking them in," the bride-to-be explained, concluding that she doesn't "consider our birth family my family for real."

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Users supported the woman in the comments section, with many slamming her sister for pressuring her.

"You get to choose what place your adoptive parents have in your life. It’s good that they realized that they didn’t have the wherewithal to be good parents when they were kids having kids, because it sounds like that choice has given you a secure, happy upbringing. Your bio family can be very important to your sister, and nobody to you," one person wrote.

"When your sister gets married, she can have her bio family there. She can have her bio dad walk her down the aisle instead of her adoptive dad if she wants to. But ya know what? Your sister isn’t getting married... YOU are. And your sister can stay in her lane," another chimed in.

"Your sister needs to back off. You need to set more clear boundaries with her regarding the contact with your birth family," someone else commented.

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