Grab the sheets, pour some potion and fill up your clawfoot baths with bubbles: the music video for The Legendary Miss Britney Spears' new Glory single "Slumber Party," featuring very special guest Tinashe, has arrived in the wee early Friday mornin' (Nov. 18).

Following this summer's #MakeMeOriginalGate (and the giggle-fest of a replacement video), "Slumber Party" marks a (merciful) return to form for a Living Legend known for serving up iconic looks and provocative pop visuals.

In fact, it's her greatest video in years.

Like "a younger Eyes Wide Shut" (so sayeth noted film buff Godney herself), the colorful, fantastical and oh-so-lusty Colin Tilley-directed video finds Britnashe playing sensual seductresses in a stunning mansion full of curiosities: think "My Prerogative" meets "Boys" meets Barbie's Dreamhouse meets '90s porn vixen meets the Circus Tour "Sweet Dreams" interlude.


A decade after crashing a party, quite literally, with her car (some people can take everything away from you, but they can never take away your pool), Britney's evidently evolved, opting to play the passenger instead and saunter into her NSA sex mansion party by foot (and dry) this time around.


Tinashe's at the party too! Handing out Party Favors, no doubt. (Just kidding: she's totally just there to stalk the Holy Spearit, as any good stan would.)

As a duo, Britney and Tinashe's ever-so-flirty chemistry is fiyah hot — a 20 out of 10, in fact — which should be no surprise to anyone, considering Tinashe's effectively spent her entire life preparing for this very moment. (Reminder: #PrayForTinashe, because she is now wigless and dead.)

As Stefon would agree, this mansion's got it all: bubbles, Holi powder, a table you can lick questionable substances off of.


Yes, it's Britney "I'm Really Boring, I'm A Mother Now" Spears, bitch — no doubt an ode to her Mickey Mouse Club former co-worker Christina Aguilera's own licky licky yum yum moment in her "Not Myself Tonight" video.


The best part, however, is when Britnashe decide to jump on the couch together like 10-year-old BFFs at an actual slumber party. A Joyride, indeed! MY HEART.

There's a vague plot somewhere in here somewhere: something about coming to this Slumber Party to stalk a sexy man — but really, it's all about lewks. The cinematography is stunning. The dancing, while brief, is fierce. The stiletto toss is a revelation. And the ponytail pulling. And the licking. And watching mega-fan Tinashe live out the best Meet & Greet fan package experience of all time is a treat.

Mercifully for her ever-devoted followers, it's Brit's best visual since "Work Bitch" back in 2013 — and one of the stronger (REFERENCE) visuals in her videography, period.

Watch Britney and Tinashe use their bodies to make their own video above.

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