South Korean superstars BTS dazzle in their sleek, emotionally charged music video for "Fake Love," the energetic septet's brand new single.

Released Friday (May 18), Jimin, V, Jungkook, RM, Suga, Jin and J-Hope lay their emotions out bare in the stunning visual, which finds the members wallowing in a variety of decaying rooms, each representative of the many ways in which love can traumatize and trap us.

In one scene, a windowless space begins to fill with water, representing the way the intensities of love can make us feel like we're drowning. In another scene, a wooden room bursts into flames, representing the way heartache can make us feel like we're burning. Another room, filled with candy bars and childhood totems, represents the way the uncertainties that come with love can make us feel helpless, like a reduced or childlike version of ourselves. Elsewhere, Jungkook desperately runs through a hallway as the floorboards crumble underneath his feet.

Lyrically, the complex song explores the notion of losing one's identity to love ("I even became quite unsure of who I was / Try babbling into the mirror, who the heck are you?"), as well as the idea of holding onto a toxic relationship that is, ultimately, doomed ("I grew a flower that can’t be bloomed in a dream that can’t come true").

"Fake Love" is the second video from BTS' new album, Love Yourself: Tear, which was released today. The video for V's solo track, "Singularity," was released earlier this month.

BTS will perform "Fake Love" live at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 20), where the group is also nominated for the Top Social Artist award.

Watch below:

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