BTS member V (nee Kim Tae-hyung) stands solo in the group's gorgeous video for "Singularity," a new "comeback trailer" (released May 6) for the K-pop group's forthcoming third Korean studio album, Love Yourself: Tear.

The alt-R&B video sees the group member dancing solo as well as alongside a choreographed group, while white masks haunt him. Nature also plays a big role

in the clip, which finds V watching his own reflection in a pool of crystalline water.

"A sound of something breaking / I awake from sleep / Have I lost myself / Or have I gained you? /Tell me if my voice isn't real / If I shouldn't have thrown myself away," V sings on the jazzy tune, according to Billboard.

The thoughtful video ends with V wearing one of the white masks, while a black tear drop streams down his face. Watch below:

Love Yourself: Tear is out May 18.

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