As if seeing Jungkook in a wheelchair wasn't enough yesterday, Big Hit Entertainment and BTS continued to keep fans on their toes by dropping a teaser image every hour until the midnight of Aug. 12 (KST).

Starting with Suga, the solo images for Jimin, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope and Jin then followed. Though they are not as dramatic as Jungkook's, the soft and emo vibes are still oozing.

While teasers are doing their jobs as teasers, fans are already coming up with different theories and speculations across forums and social media to see what K-Pop's sensational boy band is up to with this comeback.

But it looks like one thing's for sure -- you'll probably find a soft side to yourself you've never seen before.

To get a better insight, K-Pop site Soompi has provided translations for the text on each image so fans can come up with their own theories.

BTS is set to drop their forthcoming EP next month and will continue to promote it until 2018.

Until then, here are the individual teasers below:

BTS Through the Years:

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