BTS are nothing if not good sports: they've already danced to their biggest hits in their pajamas on a teeny tiny stage and sing-songed an aegyo-filled cutesy rendition of "Spring Day." And now, in the latest bout of variety show silliness/pop star punishment, the Bangtan Boys were presented with another humiliating challenge: to dance to their mega-hit "Not Today" wearing (adorable) blindfolds, earplugs and headphones.

In a new episode of Idol Party (Mar. 7), the You Never Walk Alone K-pop troupe was tasked with performing the already challenging choreography to their latest hit without any visual or audio cues. Of course, it was a total mess from the start — all for the A.R.M.Y.'s sick enjoyment, of course.

From V and Rap Monster wandering the outer edges of the room to a full-on accidental smackdown between Jin and Jimin, the whole thing is ridiculous — and the wheels fall off right at the beginning once V loses his cue.

Watch ridiculousness ensue above. You did your best, boys. You did your best.

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