BTS rapper RM took to Twitter on Monday (March 19) to share plans for a second mixtape. He posted a clip to the boy band's official Twitter page of a song he's working on, with the caption “Will be in RM 2 someday..” The 25-second sound byte seems to show the transition from the bridge to the chorus of the yet-to-be-released song.

Listen to the teaser below.

The artist formerly known as Rap Monster released his first mixtape, RM, back in 2015, becoming the first of three BTS members to release solo mixtapes. Suga’s Agust D, as Agust D, and J-Hope’s Hope World followed, with the latter landing in the No. 38 spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

As the only English fluent member of the Korean group, RM's popularity in the U.S. is unparalleled. He's collaborated with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Wale.

Unsurprisingly, BTS fans, known as ARMY, had a heyday when this tweet was first posted, liking it nearly 700k times and retweeting it over 300k times. It's safe to say boy bands are still as popular in 2018 as they were in the '90s.