Former 'Buffy the Vampire Star' Nicholas Brendon was arrested on Friday, Oct. 17, in Boise, Idaho where he was in town to appear at a comic convention.

TMZ reports that cops were called to a Boise hotel at around 10PM when witnesses described Brendon acting hostile towards the hotel staffers. When they arrived, Brendon appeared to be intoxicated.

The hotel staff said that the 43-year-old actor destroyed a decorative dish and wanted to press charges as a result. When they tried to talk to him about the incident, he refused to obey commands to sit down and tried walking away.

According to the ADA County Sheriff's Office arrests page, Brendon was charged with one count of "Malicious Injury to Property" and another count of "Resisting or Obstructing Officers." He was released a few hours later on bond.

Since 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' went off the air in 2003, Brendon has appeared in other television shows including 'Private Practice' and 'Criminal Minds.'