"It" model Cara Delevingne and 'Avatar' actress Michelle Rodriguez have been hinting at a romance since their PDAs began being snapped by the paparazzi earlier this year. Now, there is really no question that these two ladies are loved up, because they were blatantly passionate and kissing while on vacation (or on holiday!) in Mexico.

The ladies spent time in Cancun last week, splashing around in the crystal blue waters. We'd say that romance was in the air and in the water for the pair.

The model, who has perfect brows, by the way, was quite uninhibited and she didn't care about ditching her top. Additionally, she and the actress, who also stars in the 'Fast & Furious' franchise, were more than comfortable expressing themselves and engaging in PDA, smooching publicly. Cameras caught the ladies mid-makeout sesh, which you can see here, as well.

They look like poster girls for an island vacation, don't they?!

Nothing brings out or stokes the fires of a poker-hot passion like the warm weather, the sun, the water and a beautiful beach locale!

This romance has been rumored since early winter, when they were snapped at a New York Knicks game in the Big Apple. They also spent time together in the U.K.

Delevingne, 21, is also pals with Rihanna, Rita Ora and Taylor Swift, but she and Rodriguez, 35, seem super duper sweet on one another -- and they don't care who knows.