Cardi B is in hot water after an explicit Instagram Live rant in which she told her haters to kill themselves.

The video was intended to address abuse her sister, Hennessy Carolina, allegedly received online. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Hennessy insinuated that Nicki Minaj had leaked Cardi's personal phone number, causing fans to send death threats to the "I Like It" rapper. Both Cardi and Hennessy were then reportedly targeted by fans of Minaj as the ongoing feud between the two hip-hop artists intensified.

During a recent Instagram Live stream, Cardi mentioned — in graphic detail — more than one way that she felt online trolls should commit suicide or seriously harm themselves.

"If you're a grown a-- woman or a grown a-- man on the comments talking need a f---ing life," she said, encouraging haters to "throw themselves off a balcony."

During the broadcast, she stopped to talk to somebody off-camera who seemed to be telling her to stop.

"I know. I know I shouldn't be talking, but it's just like, you know how I get when people f---ing start with Hennessy," Cardi replied, adding that people who post hate comments online should "cut [their] veins."

After the rapper's second mention of suicide, it appeared as though someone on her team once again tried to get her to pump the brakes on her problematic rant, but Cardi kept going. "Nah, I don't give a f---," she responded.

While internet trolls can cause harm of their own with hurtful online comments, it's never okay to encourage suicide or self-harm. The rapper's controversial comments may have been made in anger and in defense of her family, but especially as someone in the spotlight, she should have known better.

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