If you've ever been a teenager, odds are likely you went through an awkward stage at some point, unless you are Beyonce. From bad skin to over-bleached hair to just having no clue how to dress yourself, your teenage years were probably rough. Trust us, we've all been there. And with the upcoming release of the comedy, 'The Duff,' -- a story about a girl who wants to reinvent herself after being designated the 'duff' of her friend group, an acronym none too pleasant -- we thought it was perfect timing to throw together a gallery of celebrities who went through their awkward phases and managed to come out the other end looking totally unreal.

From Zac Efron and Kesha to Justin Timberlake and even Taylor Swift, check out our gallery above to watch the transformations. Celebrities not included, because they were somehow blessed with good genes from birth, are Beyonce, Rihanna, Demi Lovato and Zayn Malik.

And be sure to catch 'The DUFF' when it hits theaters on Feb. 20!