The infamous brawl between Drake and Chris Brown at a New York nightclub is far from over, folks. New York Daily News is reporting that the two artists are pointing the finger at each other for their skirmish last summer at W.i.P. nightclub.

At the center of it is a lawsuit filed by French Model Romain Julien who was caught in the middle of the champagne-tossing melee and severed the tendon in his right hand. Although Julien has already undergone surgery, his attorney believes that his career as a model is in jeopardy because of the injury.

Both of R&B superstars' attorneys filed responses, NOT lawsuits, on Thursday (Feb. 14) explaining why they weren't the cause of Julien's injuries.

In Brown's documents, he claims that he wasn't intoxicated on the night of the brawl and believes that the model's damages were caused by “unidentified individuals who were unassociated with Brown and not by Brown or any individuals under his control." In other words, he blames Drizzy. In addition, Breezy argues that if Julien were to win his case, he should sue Drake and the club owners, not him.

However, Drake's attorney maintains that Brown is culpable of Julien's injuries. They also suggest, if the plaintiff were to win the case, that he should sue Breezy and the club owners for their "negligence."

There are plenty of lawsuit to go around concerning this much-publicized fight. The club owners of W.i.P. are suing both Brown and Drake for $16 million in damages. And NBA star Tony Parker, who sustained an eye injury in the brawl, filed a lawsuit against the club for negligence.

In the end, it looks like this case is never going to go away.

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