Denied, respectfully so.

Chris Brown and his lawyer sought the singer's release from jail, but a judge declined their request to transfer the troubled singer to another facility. Therefore, he will remain in custody until April 23.

Breezy was kicked out of rehab on March 14, which violated his probation terms.

He was ordered to remain in rehab while a judge considered whether or not he violated his probation stemming from the Rihanna assault case. Since he was given the boot, the judge, who expressed concerns about the singer's ability to stay on the straight and narrow and on the up and up, had him promptly carted off to jail.

It is said that he was booted from the treatment facility since he violated the center's internal rules, including one where he must stay at least two feet away from all women. He was reportedly seen touching the elbows and hands of a female. He also refused a drug test and even when he did submit and the test came back clean, the initial refusal itself was a violation of his probation.

Additionally, Breezy allegedly made a disturbing comment while in treatment. He supposedly said, "I am good at using guns and knives." Yikes!

According to TMZ, the judge wants the singer to remain behind bars until the jury in the case of his assault in Washington, D.C. decides if he committed criminal assault. That case is unrelated, but the outcome could also be a probation violation. The trial is set for April 17. Breezy may not be on site attending the trial. If he is convicted, he could go to the slammer for four years.

A probation violation hearing is also set for April 23.

Also, Breezy's duet partner Ariana Grande issued now-deleted tweets regarding the delay of their duet 'Don't Be Gone Too Long,' which is oddly prophetic with its title. There was a digital countdown leading up to its planned release, but Grande wrote that it needed to be delayed for reasons out of her control.

She posted that she loves her fans and that her partner was unavailable to promote the song at this time. So it's delayed while Breezy sorts his life out. We know it's confusing since there are so many pending cases, but they can all be traced to probation related to the Rihanna assault case.