Doth the Breezy protest too much?

Despite strong photographic evidence to the contrary, Chris Brown's rep has issued a statement strongly denying that he is rendezvousing with Rihanna in St. Tropez. It's merely a coincidence that the high-profile exes are in the same area far from home. Suuuuuure it is.

After RiRi and Breezy both tweeted separate photos of themselves with hoops legend Magic Johnson and issued mysterious tweets from the same exotic location, Breezy's rep says it ain't so, going as far to affirm that Brown is still with his long-suffering girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran, and is traveling with her.

Poor Tran. She is constantly dealing with rumors that her man can't stay away from his ex. That can't be fun for her, especially since RiRi is one of the most famous and most beautiful women in the world.

While Ri has been vacationing on a yacht, Brown is merely in France for work purposes. His rep told HollyScoop (quotes courtesy of WENN), "CB is in France to shoot a music video for Swizz Beatz album and Ludacris is in it. It's Swizz's song. Karrueche is there with him…They never broke up. He is not on her (Rihanna’s) yacht. There is no Rihanna connection."

No Rihanna connection? What an ironic choice of words...since there always seems to be a Rihanna connection.

Is Brown's rep shooting down the rumors to throw the media off the scent? It just seems like way too much of a coincidence for those two be in the same exact spot at the same exact time. We can't really be expected to believe that there isn't a little something, something going on there.

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