Handsome hunk Chris Pine revealed that he broke his finger on the set of 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.' He even demonstrated the incident which lead to his damaged digit by fake punching Ellen DeGeneres in the face while promoting the film on her TV show!

The distractingly good-looking Pine was explaining how it takes time to film a fight sequence in an action film, and the major fight in a bathroom in his new film was carefully choreographed. Still, he broke a finger. Even though it was a fight scene, he sheepishly admitted that he injured himself in non-manly fashion.

"It was a very dangerous stunt. I love saying that and I feel so hardcore," the actor joked. "It was so wimpish. It wasn't in the midst of any great… I was throwing a haymaker punch and in film acting fight time, you don't throw a punch. You throw a wide punch…"

He demonstrated how you do that as he fake punched Ellen and explained that at the end of the long day, he did it lazily and swiped his co-star's jacket, and ended up with a busted finger. "It was very unmasculine," he joked.

The film hits the theaters this Friday (Jan. 17).