The internet has been hit with a wave of parents lip-syncing to their kids' favorite songs, with a heavy emphasis on any and all tracks from Disney's 'Frozen.' The newest lip-sync video making the rounds on the internet is 'Frozen'-free and features the coolest ever dad and daughter team knocking out Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy.’

Radio DJ Jesse Lozano enlisted his young daughter to help him lip-sync to the Australian’s catchy rap song ‘Fancy.’ Not only does this dad score major points for even being familiar with recent pop music, but those points are doubled by his very accurate rap-along to Iggy’s speedy verses.

Triple points for their in-sync choreo and the daughter’s snazzy snapback. All in all, this video and dad are total wins. Even Iggy loved it!

Check out the funny lip-sync up above!

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