Daniel Radcliffe recently had an eye-opening experience about the normal lives we common folk lead when he decided to play receptionist for an entire hour over at the Nylon offices.

Things start out calm, casual, cool. Daniel sits there, unassuming, as people begin to recognize him. This eventually devolves into your typical celebrity fanfare photo op, and our hopes for witnessing a celebrity navigate the high-stress environment of a normal job begin to wane quite a bit.

But then people ask Daniel to complete some basic-but-necessary tasks, and he starts to, understandably, feel stressed out and overwhelmed. At one point he expresses a feeling familiar to anyone who has ever been forced to interact with the public as a daily part of their job. He says, "Literally every person that passes in front of the door I’m just thinking, 'Oh don’t need to come in here, don’t need anything.'"

He then goes on to aptly demonstrate failure as he is unable to perform even the simplest tasks -- from phoning people on their extensions to finding stamps for someone to locating the women's bathroom key. It should, however, be noted that he tries his hardest the entire time.

Fellow celebrity Joe Jonas also drops by the Nylon offices during Daniel's receptionist stint and the two pretend not to recognize each other. Celebrities: They're such jokesters!

Check out Daniel Radcliffe in all his awkward glory as a receptionist in the video above.

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