Demi Lovato is moving to the opposite end of the pop music spectrum to follow up her inspirational ballad 'Skyscraper' with the hard-hitting dance track 'All Night Long.' The track features hip-hop superstars Missy Elliott and Timbaland.

Built around an unlikely musical combination of piano, a guitar riff and a bangin' beat, the track's undeniable energy makes it a likely hit song. Lovato sings of partying all night with a guy she has the hots for: "I love the way you're talkin' / I'm lovin' what you're doin', boy / I don't fall easy often / I never had a love like you before." On the hook, she instructs, "Don't make plans / Come home with me / We'll stay up all night long."

Timbaland stays mostly behind the scenes, lending his voice only to a short interlude in which he guarantees, "We gon' set it off." Missy Elliott sounds nothing at all like Missy Elliott on her verse, which must have received some vocal processing.

That oddity aside, 'All Night Long' is impressive, or, as Timbaland called it, "dope as hell." Appropriately, the song came from an all-night recording session. And the good news is that Lovato and Timbaland worked together on more than one track, so there's more where this one came from.

Listen to Demi Lovato, 'All Night Long' Feat. Missy Elliott and Timbaland