Are Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas planning on joining forces to form a band together?

In an interview with MTV, Lovato revealed that she and Jonas might just be partnering together for a side project someday.

“I did write an amazing song with Nick Jonas and we want to do something with that, but we are not quite sure, so maybe we can do a side project together,” Lovato told MTV News. “We may or may not have picked out the band name already.”

So can we expect a duet album soon? “I know he’s working on his new album too, so it might not be for awhile. I'm always writing songs and he’s always writing songs.”

Lovato and Jonas do have a history together. The youngest of the Jonas Brothers trio worked with Lovato on 'Camp Rock' and 'Camp Rock 2.' Recently, he served as the creative director on Lovato's 'Neon Lights' tour and even made appearances at some shows.