Q: What's wrong with being confident?

A: Nothing! Well, except for the fact that it is apparently a legal offense in some territory in the world (?), resulting in an all-out brawl between Demi Lovato, Fast & Furious superstar Michelle Rodriguez and anonymous police baddies. No idea at all what's happening, actually...but let's DO THIS.

You didn't think the director behind Sin City, Machete and Grindhouse would go easy on our dear Demetria, did you? Oh, no.

Robert Rodriguez has given the Confident singer's finger-snapping, horn-blaring anthem an explosively hi-octane, adrenaline-pumping clip perfectly aligned with the rest of his ass-kicking, glass-breaking oeuvre.

The plot? Oh, something to do with Demi and Michelle being pitted against each other for some fist-flying, femme fatale fierceness (it's safe to say these two aren't so cool for the summer) — until they make a starting revelation regarding their unexpected bond, that is.

Broken glass! Guns blazing! Car chases! All the good and juicy bits of your classic action cinema smash get packed into Demi's all-too-brief "Confident" bonanza.

What's wrong with being confident? Well, we never actually find that part out. Err, nor do we know why any of that just happened. But one thing's for sure: We smell a full-length action flick in Demetria's immediate future — preferably one with a more fleshed-out plot.

And while you're feeling especially confident, Demi's unveiled preview clips for her whole album. Go listen on iTunes!

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