Shhh...don't tell your mother.

If the flaming hot single artwork wasn't enough of a clue that Demi Lovato is refusing to give our hearts a break (and, evidently, our bikini tops) with "Cool For The Summer," the 10-second preview she just posted on Twitter all but confirms that she's about to set the world ablaze.

Shot in a swimming pool, the painfully brief teaser — set to a hard, heart-racing electronic pulse that already sounds edgier than anything she's thrown at us before — features at least one certified beach babe floating on a raft, and two...bikini tops? And then, a rather scandalous-sounding whisper.

Hmm, Miss Demetria. Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmmmmm.

Is this a total lose-your-mind (and your clothes) raucous summer party anthem? What sort of shenanigans are you getting into? And judging by the two bikini tops, are things about to get a little...Sapphic, "I Kissed A Girl" style? (After all, we do know Demi's quite the LGBTQ ally.) It's only getting more tantalizing by the day.

Too hot, and I need some air...


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