Demi Lovato, make like E.T. and phone home! You're dad is missing you like a severed limb! Lovato and her cancer-stricken father Patrick are estranged, and he has resorted to pleading with her to call him via the media.

Lovato has not swept her personal issues under the rug, and since leaving treatment earlier this year, she has been an open book, embracing every opp to discuss her problems so that she can help others who deal with similar personal apocalypses. She is not the only one in the family who allows the media into her life to reach others.

Patrick Lovato told RadarOnline that he has been unsuccessful in making contact with his 19-year-old daughter and that it's beyond devastating to him. He said, "I love her so much, and I just want her to call me."

A tearful Mr. Lovato, who is divorced from the 'Skyscraper' singer's mother Dianna, also explained why he went such a public route to get her attention, admitting, "This is the only way I can talk to her, I try to reach her but it never works."

He is adamant that he is not looking for a handout. All is he is seeking from his offspring is "love," Patrick said. He revealed he has not spoken with her since she checked into a treatment center after her very public meltdown last fall. He said that she phoned in November and they spoke about his illness. "She told me she loved me, she really loves her daddy,” he said. "She told me she’s getting better."

Mr. Lovato hopes to reconcile with Demi, her older sister Dallas and his ex-wife. He said, "My health isn’t what it used to be and I know my daughter loves her daddy, so please call me Demi."

He also acknowledged his daughter's admirable post-treatment behavior, where she is speaking about her issues in order to be a role model for teens in distress. He gushed, "I’m so proud that she’s doing what she did, I knew the day she was born that she was special to me, but I didn’t know she would be so special to so many people."

We hope that Demi and Patrick Lovato can settle their differences.