If you can't get enough of Demi Lovato's new track 'Heart Attack,' don't fear! The songstress has released not one, but five remixes of her hit track.

Deejay Theory, White Sea, Belanger, Manhattan Clique and the Alias all put their own personal spin on the song and these renditions are sure to get dancefloors going this summer. Christmas has come early for all you fist-pumpers!

The original version of the song doesn't naturally lend itself to cuttin' rugs, so we think it's a smart move on Demi's part to keep her name fresh in everyone's mind with these remixes. We've seen how a remix can really expand an artist's fan base.

If that wasn't enough, Demi released some new cover art with the remixes and she looks smokin' hot! Fans get a better glimpse of the blue leather dress with sheet black cut outs that the songstress is sporting on the single artwork. You're giving us a heart attack, girl!

Listen to the Demi Lovato 'Heart Attack' Remixes