Apparently Demi Lovato and Iggy Azalea are super good friends, because Demi was present when Iggy got engaged to her boyfriend, NBA player Nick Young, last night (June 1).

According to the caption on an Instagram photo the "Really Don't Care" singer uploaded -- which showed Demi and Iggy together, post-proposal but still mid-shock -- Demi "could literally not be happier" for Iggy. She further echoed this sentiment when she wrote that she was also "so happy" for the couple and their engagement. Even further, by her own admission, Demi held that expression of disbelief "literally...for about an hour," which is a long time to not close your mouth.

If you're wondering when, exactly, their friendship blossomed we can exclusively reveal that...we don't know. Iggy was asked a few months ago whether she would ever be willing to collaborate on a song with Demi, to which she immediately responded, “Of course I would! I love her! I’m going to stalk her!” But it looks like Iggy didn't have to Single White Female Demi after all. Congratulations all around.

And in case you're just now catching up on your Internet, yes, Iggy Azalea was proposed to yesterday by her boyfriend, Nick Young — who got down on one knee like in the olden days and opened a ring box larger than the size of a car battery. Iggy, obviously, said yes.

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