Oops! Demi Lovato has injured her leg. She tweeted photos of crutches and warning her followers to never let their roommates clean wood floors with Pledge cleaner.

We pieced together some of the details. Lovato had some sort of spill and injured her leg by losing her balance on what was probably a slippery floor.

The 'Give Your Heart a Break' singer revealed that she had a photo shoot earlier in the day and apparently capped off a busy period by falling.

We're also surprised that the singer/actress/'X Factor' judge actually has a roommate. Maybe she doesn't want to live alone, but we're pretty sure she doesn't need a roommate to share expenses with, since she does pretty well for herself with all of her gigs.

Below are Lovato's key tweets about her injury. She even shared the photo of her crutches, with the following caption: "Needless to say, today was eventful. Hahahaha." She didn't say that her leg is broken, but she did retweet a fan tweet that referenced a broken leg and she didn't correct the fan to say it was sprained or bruised.

Whatever the extent of the injury, we hope she heals up quickly! Lovato is known for wearing the highest of heels so it's not familiar to see her hobbling around on anything but.

We're also wondering what that silver stuff is on her hand, as she reaches for her crutches! Perhaps it was makeup or cosmetics that had something to do with the photo shoot she participated in earlier in the day.

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