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As someone who’s always advocated for the awareness of mental health issues, tried to put an end to bullying, and been incredibly open about her struggles with substance abuse, Demi Lovato has been nothing but a positive force in the celeb realm and we’re totally on her side. So if anybody deserves a Merry Christmas this holiday season, it’s definitely Demi.

And it looks like that’s exactly what she’s having! Demi posted a photo of herself with an adorable puppy on Instagram today (Dec. 16) with the caption: "Guys....... SANTA CAME EARLY THIS YEAR......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And judging from the picture, he totally delivered.

The photo shows Demi gazing at her new puppy super adoringly, while said puppy chews on a stick. We’re not sure what kind of name Demi has given her new pet, but we're super excited to find out! This puppy is not her first dog -- back in 2011, Demi shared a photo of her dog, Oliver, on her whosay account. Aww!

Check out the photo above! Are you happy for Demi? Are you totally jealous? Are you caught up in a mixed bag of emotions you can't even begin to understand or explain? Let us know!

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