When it comes to love, Demi Lovato thinks it's "fair to say" that she doesn't feel the need to restrict herself. Speaking to PEOPLE, the "Confident" singer says that sexuality "[is] something I don't think needs to have a label. As humans, it's just about a connection with someone."

The revelation, which comes just a week since her split from longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, really shouldn't come as a surprise. Last year, rumors were sparked that the pop star may be bi-curious when she released her single "Cool for the Summer," which features the suggestive lyrics, "Got a taste for the cherry / I just need to take a bite."

When asked about her sexuality during an interview with Alan Carr back in September 2015, specifically if she had ever been in a relationship with a woman, the singer replied, "I am not confirming and I’m definitely not denying. All of my songs are based off of personal experiences. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with experimentation at all."

Meanwhile, Lovato has been a longtime advocate for the LGBTQ community, performing at L.A. Pride events and combating North Carolina's hateful HB2 law by cancelling planned shows in the state in order to send a message to lawmakers and citizens. In April, the performer received GLAAD's Vanguard Award in recognition of her efforts.

"It's something I'm passionate about because I get it," she tells PEOPLE about her passion for LGBTQ advocacy. "I grew up in Texas. Being different in Texas or in the South in general, you can be judged... I grew up in a home where there was absolutely nothing wrong with somebody identifying as another sex or liking the same sex. People will say, 'Thank you so much for all that you do.' And my response is: It's just something that people should already be doing."

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