Demi Lovato is already smokin' hot as it is (it's okay to say that since she's 19), but she's hotter than ever when she's trying to be sexy. In a new shoot with the famed photographer Tyler Shields, Demi seduces the camera and shows off a bit of the woman inside of her.

With her fashionable return to Twitter, Demi made another debut by using the above photo as her new Twitter profile pic, which not only made her fans happy, but made Tyler Shields happy, too -- a win win.

While the original photo is subdued, the rest of the set shows the 'Skyscraper' songstress modeling a black wig with bangs, her bright red lips pursed and open as she gazes into the camera, seemingly topless. Another shot has Demi licking a lollipop, and not in the way we've ever seen an innocent little girl do it. That particular pic may be inappropriate for many of her younger fans, but we're digging her extra wild side -- perhaps the result of dating a much older man.

Another shot from the series shows Demi taking out her built up frustrations on what looks like a glass wall, with what we can only assume is a sledgehammer. In the last pic, she's making a kissy face for the cam, letting all of her fans know that she's the same sweet girl she's always been deep down on the inside.