Demi Lovato is a woman of many hats. Beginning as a child star and BFF to Disney darling Selena Gomez, Lovato left her TV show, 'Sonny With a Chance,' for rehab -- and may be the only Mouse House alum to carve out her own distinctive identity that hasn't wavered.

Lovato is a warrior, but she's a wounded one. She is not only a talented singer who can belt them out with the best of them, but she's also an emotive one, who embraces her struggles and uses them to stay strong, both in holding notes and holding on.

The 'X Factor' judge combines empowerment with fun, pop with rock, and beauty with depth. Here are the top 10 Demi Lovato songs, as chosen by PopCrush. Rest assured, it wasn't easy to narrow these down!

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    'Heart Attack'

    'Heart Attack' begins our list of top Demi Lovato songs because it was her biggest radio debut -- and because the combination of ferocity and vulnerability that the track provides represents her beautifully. Lovato's vocals can whoop your fave's behind, but even she's still scared of getting hurt.

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    'Who's That Boy' Feat. Dev

    Of Demi Lovato songs, the singer herself previously expressed a bit of disdain with the R&B vibe that 'Unbroken' embraced. But 'Who's That Boy,' her collabo with Dev, is so infectious that we bet it may be an exception. With danceable beats, Dev's breathy background vocals and Lovato's belting, it's got hit written all over it -- and had it been released to radio, it would have been a smash.

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    'Catch Me'

    Co-written by Nick Jonas, the sweet, fearful romantic tune is quiet, then builds to a rollicking climax. Lovato is afraid of getting hurt, but what man in his right mind would hurt someone so gorgeous and talented?!

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    'Here We Go Again'

    'Here We Go Again' is one of Demi Lovato's top songs simply because it's so catchy. The rollercoaster relationship ode is akin to Paramore or to Lovato's own hero, Kelly Clarkson, combining a powerful female vocal with pop punk production.

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    'Don't Forget'

    'Don't Forget,' the title track from Lovato's debut, combines rock instrumentation with the pop melodies that work so well for the singer. The song, co-written by the Jonas Brothers, captured Lovato's essence at the time perfectly.

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    'Skyscraper' was Lovato's breakout hit, and with good reason. The song, the lead single from Lovato's third album, 'Unbroken,' was actually recorded twice: Once before Lovato went into treatment for substance abuse, self harm and bipolar issues, and once after. Lovato revealed she kept the original recording, which actually included her own crying, because it was "providing a message."

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    'Warrior' is a fan favorite among Demi Lovato songs because it's both revealing and empowering. The track alludes to some of the hardships Lovato has faced in her short life and inspires her beloved Lovatics to get through their own life's trials -- assuring that battle scars build character.

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    'Shouldn't Come Back'

    'Shouldn't Come Back' is one of Lovato's best songs because it's so heartbreaking. While on the surface it can seem like a breakup track, it's rumored to be an ode to her absentee -- and now recently deceased -- father. Her vulnerability is palpable, and you can actually hear her voice breaking at certain points in the song.

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    'Really Don't Care' Feat. Cher Lloyd

    This sassy collaboration between 'X Factor' judge Lovato and 'X Factor U.K.' finalist Cher Lloyd is as bold and bratty as it gets. Lovato and Lloyd kiss off a jerky ex, with some of the cheekiest lyrics of all Demi Lovato songs: "Now when you see me on the street / I won't be running scared / I'll walk right up to you / And put one finger in the air." On top of the empowering breakup themes, 'Really Don't Care' is also simply one of the catchiest Lovato songs in her catalog.

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    'Give Your Heart a Break'

    'Give Your Heart a Break' was Demi Lovato's first No. 1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart and peaked at No. 16 on the Hot 100. The heartfelt track was inescapable on radio, and with good reason: It appealed to multiple markets, combining strings, guitars and pop melodies with a definitively grown up vibe. And did we mention Lovato's voice?

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