The New Year is traditionally a time of making a fresh start by saying goodbye to the old and ringing in the new -- but when Demi Lovato strolled onto the stage of 'The Eric Andre's New Year's Eve Spooktacular,' she must have felt like she'd entered a whole new dimension.

As you can see from the brief clip embedded above, Lovato started her guest stint by walking out onto what looked suspiciously like a normal (f somewhat low-budget) talk show set, but things quickly took a turn for the surreal when she was handed a plate of spaghetti and subjected to a rapid-fire barrage of compliments that ended with Andre comparing her appearance to his and co-host Hannibal Buress's in decidedly unfavorable terms.

Things only got weirder from there, with Andre "interviewing" Lovato by listing off her screen credits, including 'Camp Rock' (Buress's favorite) and the PBS-sanctioned scourge of children's entertainment, 'Barney and Friends.' To her extreme credit, Lovato played along willingly (although she did fob off her food on Buress, who didn't seem to mind) -- but she did seem to lose it a little bit when former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach walked out, threw his leg up on Andre's desk while screaming some nonsense, and walked away without explanation.

By the time Andre started his countdown, Lovato made the extremely sensible decision to use it as her cue to quietly disappear offstage -- but by then, she'd already hung around long enough to provide us with some of the most memorably bizarre entertainment we're likely to receive in 2013. Thanks, Demi!