Demi Lovato spoke out publicly over the weekend to promote transgender rights, as well as discuss racism.

The "I Love Me" singer participated in an Instagram Live stream on Saturday (May 23) with her friend Alok Vaid-Menon to promote his new book, Beyond The Gender Binary.

"There's so many differences in the human race, why are we given only two options?" Lovato questioned at the beginning of the conversation.

When the subject of race came up, the pop star mused, “I’m Hispanic, but I’m white-passing, so I was like, what is my responsibility as an ally? I've learned that I have to put my fears aside and speak up for all of the people of color that I love, all of the people of color that I don’t know and the people that are being treated poorly and abused and killed. It's now happening way too much."

“I need to put my fears aside," she admitted. "I just didn’t want anyone to question my intentions because I am white-passing. I'm going to educate myself and I'm gonna be an ally, and I think people need to do the same with the trans community."

"Trans rights are human rights," she added in a separate Instagram post.

She also called Vaid-Menon's new book a "great resource to learn more about how to support trans and gender non-conforming people."

See the live chat post, below.

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