She just turned 19 yesterday, but the unsinkable Demi Lovato, who remains one of the hardest working teens in show business, gave her fans an advance present! On Aug. 19, the day before her actual birthday, Lovato tweeted the album cover for her forthcoming album 'Unbroken,' which drops on Sept. 20. How generous of Lovato to be the giver of a gift when it's coming up on her big day.

Lovato posted this tweet that accompanied the album art: "I have THE BEST FANS EVER!!! Thank you so much for all the early Birthday wishes….To show my appreciation I thought I would give you a little present…look closely!!! :D"

A few weeks ago, when PopCrush reported on the album title, we mentioned a photo that Lovato included of herself with dark lips and voluminous hair. At the time, we speculated that it might be a part of the album packaging, and it seems we were right. The album cover shows the singer with deep, plum lips with perfectly arched, statement eyebrows and big, loose waves, as well as a cream fur shrug. She is looking away from the camera, lacing the image with an air of mystery.

Needless to say, the 'Skyscraper' singer looks breathtaking. What a difference a year makes. With her stint in rehab behind her, Lovato could very well be pop music's comeback entertainer of the year.