Demi Lovato went on Twitter to vent early Sunday February 21, launching into a thoughtful multi-tweet rant on victim-blaming, what it means to be a feminist, and women's empowerment.

She started off with a few tweets about her frustration with people not believing women who "come forward with their past, only to be shot down, not believed, and disrespected for their bravery." The story, of course, is an age-old tale in which women who are victimized are typically treated with higher scrutiny and a sense of doubt.

Considering recent events, it's somewhat likely that Demi was referring to Kesha's current predicament with Sony, a situation that Demi tweeted her support for this past week.

In addition, the pop star also dropped some epic musings on what it means to truly be a feminist and what women's empowerment should really be about: "taking action." Demi slammed the notion of "convenient" feminism, stating that women should speak up for other women, even when it's uncomfortable or inconvenient. She also emphasized the importance of taking action and "leading other women to make actual changes in our society."

Truly, Demi makes a great point with her tweets, bringing up how important it is for women to support one another—perhaps specifically within the music community.

And if you're wondering if Demi will think better of her Twitter rant and end up deleting some of it, as many stars have done before her, we doubt it. As you'll see below, the "Confident" singer literally does "not [give] a single f***." Good for her.

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