Drop that mic, Demi Lovato. You just won the Internet.

The inspirational singer -- who has long been vocal about her struggles with an eating disorder and mental illness -- recently took a hater down with one seriously epic response.

After a hateful Twitter user told her to "shut up fatty" and warned her not to choke on her McDonald's, Demi reacted with her razor-sharp sense of humor:

Demi Lovato

Um, yeah. We totally dig it. While Demi literally gets countless cruel messages on the daily, she hardly ever responds -- and when she does, it's always with the perfect answer.

Though she chose to joke around this time, the 'Really Don't Care' singer previously met such hate with nothing but love.

"Dear Lovatics," she wrote at the time, "for every hater tweet - don't respond with hate but love and positivity.. Try love not combat."

Though it can't be easy for Demi to see such hurtful tweets, we love how she manages to stay so strong and positive. And she clearly takes her own advice, responding to her most recent hater with nothing but positivity -- just look how she praised those Big Macs. Ha! We applaud you, girl.

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