In what may be a case of life imitating art, a certain Demi was caught partying hard with Miley Cyrus -- the same Demi who plays her mom in her 'LOL.' Demi Moore, 49, was on hand for the infamous "Penis Cake" incident at Liam Hemsworth's 22nd birthday celebration, just a week before her unfortunate overdose incident.

Moore, who recently entered rehab following an overdose of "whip-its" (nitrous oxide), attended the soiree with her daughter, 22-year-old Rumer Willis. Spies told TMZ that Moore chugged Red Bulls in the VIP section and that she and Willis left sometime after midnight. Moore entered a treatment facility following a well-publicized breakdown nine days later.

While TMZ paints Moore as attending as a means of "desperately clinging on to her fading youth," we think she was likely just supporting her co-star and pal Cyrus -- who was under the microscope following the fete.  Cyrus was photographed at the party posing suggestively with a phallic shaped birthday cake for her boyfriend, as well as with alcohol (remember, she's only 19).

After the photos surfaced, Cyrus was blasted into a public relations brouhaha, garnering criticism from fans, the media and conservative groups alike. Cyrus was reportedly humiliated by the photos going public, but found solace in boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and his sense of humor about the situation.

We wish Moore well on her road to recovery -- and Miley too!