Animals are free to act on their natural urges, undeterred by the societal obligations and niceties humans are inclined to oblige by. So it is that a particularly intuitive bald eagle attacked professional bigot and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump just a few months ago.

Photographer Martin Schoeller figured having Trump pose with a bald eagle for the August cover shoot with TIME magazine would make for a great photo op -- and he was right!

As Trump reaches across the desk to grab a bottle of aspirin, the 27-year-old bald eagle -- fittingly named Uncle Sam -- flaps his enormous wings and lunges for Trump's hand. The eagle does not go in for the kill, but the fear on Trump's face was mercifully immortalized on video and then reformatted as a GIF so you can watch it on loop below, forever.


TIME released the blooper footage shortly after announcing German Chancellor Angela Merkel their Person of the Year -- and not Trump. He tweeted about the decision, writing, "I told you @TIME Magazine would never pick me as person of the year despite being the big favorite They picked person who is ruining Germany."

Rather than respond directly to Trump's bratty tweet (even barring his racism, are there really people who want to vote for someone so blatantly immature?), the news outlet posted the video with the succinct caption, "Watch Donald Trump dodge a bald eagle."

Watch the full video above to see the majestic Uncle Sam attack Donald Trump.