If you think Drake takes himself so seriously that he can't appreciate a good joke at his expense, you are sorely misguided. Comedian Red Grant learned that the hard way, when he was doing his regular stand-up routine. Part of his act is an impersonation of Drake, apparently, and we'll be real with you -- if we were comedians we probably wouldn't actually expect the target of one of our jokes to be in attendance. So imagine Red's surprise when he came to learn that Drake was, in fact, in the audience.

According to PopSugar, Drake strolled onstage, watched Red do his bit, and then commented on the inaccuracy of the impersonation, saying it was more like an "Omarion / Chris Brown mashup." Ouch. There are clearly no hard feelings between the two, though, since Drake totally takes it in stride. He sits in the back and is visibily entertained -- laughing and even rapping along to one of his songs.

You can check out a video posted by a member of the audience from that night above. Just be warned: There's plenty of NSFW language in there.

How would you feel if the celebrity target of one of your jokes actually heard and confronted you about it? Would you be totally mortified?

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