Ed Sheeran and Nathan Sykes are facing off in Round 1 of PopCrush's Prom King and Queen of 2015 competition! Which singer has your vote for Prom King?

Ed Sheeran dominated the competition last year, battling his way round after round to ultimately score the title of PopCrush Prom King of 2014. Can he do it again? It's up to his beloved Sheerios, who undoubtedly understand the magnitude of the man's immense talent. If the redheaded crooner were to attend our prom, we'd request that he perform the perfect slow-dance playlist, filled with his most romantic songs like "Kiss Me," "Tenerife Sea," "Give Me Love" and "Thinking Out Loud." Of course, we'd also ensure that he have the time of his freaking life -- and for a hardcore partier like Ed, we're sure it wouldn't be a problem.

2015 has been Nathan Sykes' year, embarking on a solo career so shockingly impressive our breath gets caught in our throat pretty much every time we hear him belt out a note. His single, "More Than You'll Ever Know," is practically like Frank Sinatra reincarnated, if Frank Sinatra was a former member of the boy band the Wanted. In all seriousness, Nathan Sykes is rocking a serious retro sultriness in his solo material that we can totally get behind. And those vocals? Okay, Nathan Sykes. Just kill us with your voice. Plus, we already know that his fanbase is super dedicated, catapulting "MTYEK" into the Pop Clash Hall of Fame after winning four straight rounds of the competition. Not too shabby!

Who is most deserving of the title of PopCrush Prom King of 2015? You can vote for Ed Sheeran or Nathan Sykes once per hour until Round 1 of the poll closes on May 7 at 3 PM ET. The winner of this round will go on to face a different competitor in Round 2, which means he will be one step closer to being crowned Prom King when the competition ends on June 9.

Happy voting!


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