Era Istrefi knows what you want, want — an English-language version of her hit single "BonBon," obviously —  and she's ready to give it to you.

The Albanian singer-songwriter first came out swinging back in 2013 with a chill, reggae-tinged single called "Mani Për Money." Her sound became clearer with each subsequent release, solidifying Era as a dancehall-inspired electro-pop princess with sultry vocals reminiscent of artists like Sia and Rihanna.

The buildup culminated in January 2016, when the singer-songwriter released "BonBon," an EDM banger with tropical beats and Eurodance appeal, not so far removed from the pulsating club works of Cascada or Basshunter. The video for the track, which sees the blonde pop-star-in-the-making strutting and dancing down a wintry, snow-dusted road, went viral, racking up tens of millions of views (today it sits at 77,000,000). She was quickly signed to Sony and Ultra Music.

Finally, Era is ready for her inevitable U.S. crossover with the exclusive premiere of the song in English...because while good music needs no translation, the opportunity to sing along to tongue-in-cheek lyrics like "Nothing's sweet like my honey / But you have to lick before you can taste" is always appreciated.

Listen to the English version of "Bonbon" up top.

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