18-year-old Francesco Yates is already garnering some huge buzz from the likes of Pharrell and Justin Timberlake, and it wasn't hard to see why when he performed an acoustic version of his new single, 'Call,' here at PopCrush.

While the studio version of 'Call' is filled with pumped-up electro beats, Yates' PopCrush performance featured nothing but his unbelievable voice and an acoustic guitar, an intimate setting where the curly-haired singer thrives. As he broke out into the falsetto and hit note after note, we were left in awe of the young singer, who has a presence and maturity beyond his years.

In fact, the musician couldn't stop singing during his visit to the PopCrush office, strumming his guitar and making up lyrics on the fly about whatever subject we were talking about at that moment. And that's one of the hallmarks of a true musician -- not only feeling a passion for your craft, but also being able to freestyle at the drop of a hat. Super impressive.

Check out Francesco Yates' acoustic performance of 'Call' in the video above, and be sure to keep it here on PopCrush for our exclusive interview with Francesco, coming soon.