Things Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did not have in the late '80s: white flags to wave, peace treaties to draft, knowledge of the word "surrender."

Amid the popularity of Netflix series Fuller House, which premiered in February, actor John Stamos has been rifling through his Full House archives and sharing photos and videos from the set of the family comedy. In February, he provided a chilling account of the Olsen twins — then, only three-years-old — mercilessly wailing on him, and yesterday (March 10), he offered mounting evidence that the little girls really had it in for him and his character, Jesse, 20-plus years ago.

In the clip above, which was filmed in August 1989, Stamos asks the Sisters Olsen to recite his name. One (WHICH IS WHICH?!?!?!) obliges and says "John," likely as a means to mess with Stamos' head. Then the other — keenly aware of his distraction — finds an opening, pulls out the big guns and moves in to strike.

"Jesse," she mocks with the calculated stare of a seasoned antagonist.


Then, to ensure Stamos knows right where he stands, Olsen #2 advances a step, does away with decorum and sticks out her tongue like the man is made of Pixie Sticks. Evil takes many shapes, friends.

The Olsen Twins: our nation's greatest threat?

Watch the segment above, and check out Fuller House on Netflix.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Fuller House set during filming:

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