While Jackie Kennedy, a.k.a. Jackie O, was a beacon of grace, style and beauty for many during her height of influence in the 1960s, Gen Z doesn't appear to find her charms as alluring, to say the least.

Apparently, Gen Z thinks Jackie Kennedy looks "feral" — like she bites, or chews on metal. And no, we're not kidding.

It seems the viral meme was inspired the former first lady's toothy, imperfect smile and facial appearance.

"There are certain jokes that when you explain them they just get funnier," someone quipped in one viral TikTok about the trend of juxtaposing photos of Jackie O with feral, animalistic audio.

The joke seemingly began in 2021 when someone tweeted that Jackie Kennedy looked like she ate sheet metal, before becoming extra prevalent in 2022 with countless tweets and TikToks adding to the internet lore.

Some related memes have even turned the joke onto Jackie O's husband, JFK.

For many, especially boomers, Jackie O represents the epitome of class and style. Even today she's still largely revered as a fashion icon.

So much so that on Taylor Swift's Red album, Jackie Kennedy's legacy is captured by association in songs inspired by members of the Kennedy family that detail their vintage air of grace and romance.

But Gen Z is taking Jackie O's status as an American icon in a whole new direction.

Aside from their diversity, progressive views and open-mindedness, Gen Z is known for their savage sense of humor.

Perhaps it's due to the exorbitant amount of tragedy and world news they've been exposed to, or the looming presence of the internet over the course of their lives, or the generally unpredictable nature of modern society and politics, or the collective humor vacuum of social media — either way, they have a habit of turning anything into a meme.

Just another example of the stark differences between Gen Z and older generations, the bizarre Jackie Kennedy meme reminds us all how Gen Z remains completely unfazed by mostly everything.

Check out more unhinged examples of the "Jackie Kennedy looks like she bites" meme on Twitter and TikTok, below:

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