Gleeks and Directioners, unite! 'Glee' will cover One Direction's debut single, 'What Makes You Beautiful' in an upcoming episode.

Will Scheuster (played by Matthew Morrison) will sing the No. 19 hit, and Morrison is preparing for shooting by watching clips of the U.K. sensations online. "I've just heard of them, they're really taking over the States," Morrison told The Sun. "We are covering one of their songs on 'Glee' — 'What Makes You Beautiful.' I need to YouTube it to practice."

Morrison thinks the added exposure will only increase the band's stateside success. "They've made it now though, they're on 'Glee!'" Morrison exclaimed. "This will probably help their record sales too."

Not that the boys need the help. Their tour with Big Time Rush is selling out left and right, and One Direction's upcoming headlining tour is well on its way to being a megasuccess in itself... plus there's that whole making Billboard history thing too.

In fact, 'Glee' may benefit the most from the cover. The series suffered a 23 percent drop in ratings in its third season, but loyal Directioners will likely tune in to see if the show did their blokes justice -- similarly to fans of One Direction's rivals, the Wanted, whose 'Glad You Came' was also performed on the series. In any case, we can't wait to see this!

Watch the One Direction 'What Makes You Beautiful' Video