UPDATE 3/11: The lyric video for "Misery" is here — check it out below:

If misery loves company, Gwen Stefani is about to get a groundswell of support.

Stefani, whose third album is due out next week (March 18), has most recently charmed listeners with the cheery, silver lining-sewn "Make Me Like You," which indicated her post-divorce material wasn't all so deflating. But her new song, "Misery," delivers a punch in the gut that likely leaves Mike Tyson rushing to hang up his gloves.

The third single from This Is What The Truth Feels Like, released on Popology, features an unexpected and emotional combination of moody vocal layering, stage-school snaps and guitar you might have last heard from Rusted Root. "Where'd you go? / I got so used to being 'round you boy / I'm trying not to care but where'd you go? / I'm doing my best to be sensible," Stefani pleads in an opener that will have you insisting you have, indeed, developed an allergy to ragweed. Pollen, man!

Maybe the Truth won't all be so depressing, but romantic devastation will certainly play a role, Stefani told Carson Daly in November 2015 while her LP was still coming together.

"My life basically blew up in my face and so I’m in this new life and it’s pretty awesome, I have to say," she said. "Everything just feels new. I just feel inspired. I don’t know how else to describe it."

Listen to "Misery" here, tell us what you think, and be sure to pre-order This Is What The Truth Feels Like on iTunes.

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