Who said the famed '80s Trapper Keeper has become antiquated? If the latest hair trend — a shade of Lisa Frank rainbow — is any indication, the coveted assignment notebook will be back on shelves by Fall 2017.

While musicians have made bright hair hues a recent staple of pop culture — Kesha, Nicki Minaj and Halsey are just some who jump from color to color — the whole damn rainbow is now evidently in vogue. #LisaFrankHair has taken over Twitter and Instagram, and it's unlikely you'll sign on soon without seeing a mane that looks like it was freshly submerged into a box of Lucky Charms.

Frank first founded her Lisa Frank Incorporated in 1979 at age 24, and became almost instantly recognizable for signature rainbow hues splashed across fantasy landscapes that featured dolphins, pandas and other cuddly animals. A short documentary called The World of Lisa Frank chronicling the artist's notoriously mysterious persona was released in 2012, and gave brief insights into her Arizona-based corporation.

What do you think of #LisaFrankHair — something to keep around, or should it be left behind? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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