Some new information surrounding the shocking split between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have emerged, and they aren't going to make T. Swizzle feel any better. The One Direction hunk reportedly cozied up to Hermione Way, an entrepreneur who stars in Bravo's 'Start-Up: Silicon Valley.'

Yes, we immediately though of Harry Potter's pal, too.

Here's a recap: Haylor split on Jan. 4 after a major "row," which is a U.K. term for a "big fight," in Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. She was seen sailing away to the airport looking miserable, gloomy, glum and alone, which is how most girls would feel when leaving Styles' side, fight or not.

Meanwhile, Hazza stayed behind and headed to the private Necker Island, owned by billionaire Richard Branson. He was snapped in a hot tub with Way, who is 27 to his 18.

Hazza has been known to chase cougars, and at nearly 9 years his senior, that term would somewhat apply here. In other cases, she wouldn't be a coug, but he's a teenager, still!

Here's what's new, info-wise: A source told Business Insider that "Harry stayed on Necker through dinner and into the early morning hours, feasting and drinking with the island guests and Richard Branson. The party continued after dinner back in the pool, they had a wild night."

The "wild" behavior reportedly included the cutie picking Way up and hopping into the pool with her cradled in his arms. However, it may have just been some harmless fun, as the BI source says that "nothing really happened between them" and that reports to the contrary are overblown.

Ya hear that, Tay Tay? Chin up, girl.

For her part, Way stoked the fires of gossip with her tweets by refusing to confirm or deny anything.

She also stated that nothing happened, so it was likely some innocent hanging out. Or her trying to throw 'em off the scent, since something really did happen. For our money, the jury is still out on whether or not Hazza, who is reportedly really torn up over the split, moved on that quick.

Harry Hot Tub

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