Human Natural

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Human Natural's band name is fitting, considering the duo's thoughtful brand of indie pop ruminates on human nature. On their latest track, "Wake Up in L.A.," the D.C.-based pair — comprised of vocalist Hannah Winkler and musician Brian Robert Jones — tackle the post-breakup blues.

Anchored by a warm, jazzy bass line, "Wake Up in L.A." features flourishes of jazz, electro-pop and soul to create a groovy slice of café pop for the broken-hearted and hopeful.

Over Brian's multi-layered, deliciously drowsy production, Hannah's smooth vocals promise that there are sunnier days ahead: "All my thoughts of you quieted down / California dreams are the sweetest sound / Oh, I've opened my eyes to the new day / 'Cause you've got to break up in New York to wake up in L.A."

"Sometimes the best thing to do after a breakup is move across the country," the band shares. "Or just get some sun and some space."

True that. Listen to "Waking Up in L.A.," below:

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