We kind of have to hand it to Iggy Azalea: Erykah Badu seems eager to drag her into the fire, but the "Fancy" rapper has nevertheless played it pretty cool.

Yesterday (December 7), one week after shading Azalea at the BET Awards, Badu answered a Twitter follower who'd asked "why you do Iggy like that." For the sake of her kids, who are fans of Azalea, Badu conceded and decided to offer an apology. But, in what appears to be her preferred delivery method, she did it with tongue firmly pressed in cheek.

"When I think about it, if y'all really love her so much, why don't y'all go be with her then?" Badu says in the message above, which is directed to Iggy, then her kids. "Is Iggy Azalea gon' miss the healing seminar to go up to the school, sit across from the teacher so she can tell you that all y'all been doing is talking to your neighbor, not getting your lesson? Is she?"

Rather than bite back, Azalea continued to wave a white flag, and decided to strike a deal with Badu's kids.

"Tell the kids I'm a big fan of mom, even if we don't agree where to file my music in their iTunes folders," she began in an extended tweet. "If they do great in class, there is officially an open invitation extended to them and friends with good report cards to come and enjoy a show anytime."

What do you make of Iggy's apology? Are you surprised she's not responding differently? Sound off on this scuffle's latest installment in the comments.

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