Brazil came to the U.S. Friday night (May 26) when Brazilian superstar Anitta joined Iggy Azalea onstage at The Tonight Show to perform the Australian rapper's latest single, "Switch." The performance, which was to promote Azalea's upcoming album, Digital Distortion (out in June), saw the two women singing, dancing and rump-shakin' their way through the infectious, funky rap-pop banger.

Watch below:

Unfortunately, the brief (fleeting, really) cameo was definitely not enough for the legions of native Brazilian fans who caught the performance, many of whom aired their grievances over the too-short appearance on Twitter.

Many complained that Anitta, who is a veritable mega-star back home, did not get her dues onstage and was not allowed to shine in fear that she might possibly "overshadow" Azalea.

"I'm OUTRAGED that the feature of Anitta was so short," wrote one fan, while another lamented that she only performed for "like, 2 seconds" before unceremoniously leaving the stage for the remainder of the performance.

Meanwhile, others were simply flabbergasted that the Brazilian pop star's famous, um, assets were not put to good enough use onstage.

Regardless of the criticism, most viewers adored the performance and were thrilled to see Azalea and Anitta onstage together—and celebratory for the Brazilian star's first time gracing a U.S. late night talk show.

One thing's certain though: #MoreAnittaPlease

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