Iggy Azalea is fiercely protective about her privacy and recently at an L.A. area grocery shop, the 'Fancy' rapper made her stance clear.

A video has surfaced online of a couple of photographers who followed Iggy into a grocery store and took pictures of her shopping with either a friend or an assistant. The other woman begins shouting at a man who followed them into the grocery store, to which the photographer accuses her of spitting on him.

As Iggy comes out with her shopping cart of groceries, the man yells to the other woman, "Maybe I got AIDS now. Maybe I got Ebola."

Iggy, clearly upset, says to the photographer, "I hope you have Ebola. I hope you die, you f-- c--."

The man continues to shout at Iggy at which point, she almost rams him with her shopping cart.

"You're a celebrity!" he repeatedly yells, while Iggy responds, "You're invading my privacy. You're in a store when I'm trying to buy eggs. That's not the way it works."

Given Iggy is fairly new to the fame game, we're sure she's not used to paparazzi stalking her. That's not to say that she doesn't have a right to privacy. But given the invasive nature of photographers, Iggy will probably have to expect this to happen several more times in her life, for as long as she's a hit maker.

Click on the video above (warning: NSFW language) to watch how it all unfolded.

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